Ice Cream and Pickles? Try Again

Walked outside today with Etherealanna and Farley…all the way to the Duck Pond. It was great! Nice change of pace.

I don’t know what the big deal is about pregnant ladies and pickles and ice cream. Never sounded good to me, and I’ve spent a good deal of my adult life pregnant.


I have been having this obsessive thought…every day for several days in fact…and finally decided to indulge and see what happens. Poured lemonade over a small scoop of ice cream: DIVINE! At least to me. I’m crazy about lemonade, especially in the summer, but this baby is giving me the worst heartburn EVER. Ice cream has been the only relief (and that includes Tums and Pepcid) but I’m not a huge huge fan of ice cream. I do love me some softserve every once in a while. So this afternoon, when I couldn’t decide between my favorite drink and a soothing balm for the heartburn, I just combined the two. It was so refreshing! I don’t know that I would let it sit very long, because I never have been a fan of buttermilk. Just thought I would share a fun but strange combination. By the way, I’ve often made a dessert for the family involving orange juice and ice cream, which pretty much makes Orange Dreamcicle sense, so I figured it wouldn’t be too far off the mark to try lemonade instead. Have a lovely day, and keep praying for rain. It worked the last time…and my garden and every body else’s garden, needs it.

One thought on “Ice Cream and Pickles? Try Again

  1. I would think lemon juice would be good on vanilla ice cream. I think I won’t try it because I might just get hooked.

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