Zoo Food and etc.

The rundown for this week goes like this: Walked on Monday, Walked on Tuesday, Didn’t walk on Wednesday, Went to Terminally Long Award Ceremonies on Thursday and Today is still young.

Tuesday’s walk was accomplished at the Zoo!! It was a great day at the zoo, as they usually are. Some visits are better than others, but this was a particularly lovely visit, and it had everything to do with the Butterfly Exhibit. Will include photos at end of post.

Zoo menu: I had a chicken salad croissant and a large pop. Have I ever mentioned that I have a serious addiction to pop? Well I do. And it has only gotten worse with this pregnancy. It always sounds good. Anyway, the croissant was 3.50$. They brought it out and it was gigantic! Delicious flavor of chicken salad, a touch of pepper, and lettuce and tomato. Great sandwich. The kids had a corn dog and popcorn chicken and curly fries and pop. (They inherited the addiction from me.) Speaking of Zoo Menus. Our local zoo has a great poster up that talks about the amounts of food that they go through a year for the animals. Two largest menu items? Alfalfa hay and Sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes??? I have revised my opinion of sweet potatoes from when I was a child. The only way it was ever presented to me in my youth was mashed and saturated with marshmallows and nuts and sugar. When I was a kid, I hated chopped nuts of any kind. Add to that, the flavor of sweet potatoes turned my stomach for many years…no explanation. Now that I’m grown, I have rediscovered the glorious sweet potato. It is packed with nutrition and flavor. Personally, I like to serve it baked with lots of butter or margarine, and the family can dress it any way they like. Most family members choose ungodly amounts of brown sugar. I like salt. So I have to concur with the Zoo. Sweet potatoes are clearly a great choice.

On to find my camera and upload the butterfly pix!

2 thoughts on “Zoo Food and etc.

  1. great photos!! Ella and I were just talking about the SB zoo, we sure miss the baby red pandas that were born right before we moved. They were so cute!

  2. I always go plain on the baked sweet potato. Love ’em! I bet the zoo residents get raw, which is really hard-core.

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