The Blueberry Bandit and Other News

I FINALLY got back on today. Two days of back pain; will I ever learn? Anywho, ten minutes was all I could handle after my long absence.

This past week, we went to piano lessons and afterwards, the piano teacher offered all of us peanut butter br0wnies. They were divine, as you might have guessed. Of course, Tori, was not that interested in the peanut butter brownies. She wanted blueberries, which were spread out on the piano teacher’s kitchen counter. Piano teacher had picked ten pounds that morning, and was prepping them for freezing. “Tori” was a real bandit, and continually went back for more. She probably ate a pint all by herself.

I was impressed enough that I decided I must take the kids to go blueberry picking the very next day. Even though it is summer, and they would normally be sleeping in, they all got up at 8am and had a fast breakfast. Tori was at school already, so we knew it would be a more relaxing trip. We picked 7 pounds in 45 minutes (14$!) and came home and froze them. It is exciting to see that blue goodness in the freezer and imagine all kinds of fun things to do with the berries. Pancakes, smoothies, muffins, pie filling and so on. It makes me excited for the next item…strawberries? Peaches? Isn’t summer wonderful? My garden is going to have lots of yummy tomatoes! As ever, pray for rain.

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