The .33 War

I could have called it “The Shortest War” or “I’m Not a Cold-Blooded Killer” also.

A mouse found our silverware drawer to be too tempting to pass up. Okay, yes, there might have been a few stray crumbs in there, but it’s not like it was a smorgasboard, really. But I digress. Little Mouse left its calling card every morning, requiring me to sanitize the drawer and its contents repeatedly, until I could get my hands on a trap. Finally bought a package, on sale at Menards, two for .33! Awesome!

The first night, I put a dab of peanut butter on the trigger, sat in the kitchen chair to drink my Puma Kola (Menards…more on the Kola some other time.) and waited in the dark for a snap. No luck, so went to bed assured that I would see a mouse corpse in the morning anyway.

Next morning: found mouse poop AND PEE in one of the spoons. Oh no he didn’t.

Every molecule of peanut butter was licked clean off the trigger.

I was royally pissed. Bring it on, Mouse. DH saw the look on my face when I reported my failure, and he said, “This is not going to end well.”

That night, I was explaining to DH and DSons how I had set the trap. They took one look and said, no no no no no, that’s not how you do it. I had set the trap wrong!!!

So “Dale” set the trap after I spread peanut butter liberally on the trigger, both sides. We set the other one too, just for good luck.

My husband adores me. He said, “Hey, this is perfect. He’ll think he doesn’t have anything to worry about now. Good job, Honey.” Can you see why I love my man? I knew it was going to work this time.

This morning, slowly pulled the drawer out. First trap, empty and baited. Second trap, TWO BIG EYES STARING AT ME. After I picked my heart up off the floor, I realized it was the death stare. At least he died happy.

2 thoughts on “The .33 War

  1. Bravo! I once had trouble with mouse pee in the spoons until I started storing them upside down. Just kidding.

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