14 Minutes and a Little Light Television Viewing

Watching “Rumors of War III” about the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into the United States Government/Military/General Population/Media/Education System.

Ha Ha! Blogging about treadmill walking and green smoothies is kind of insignificant compared to this! Ha Ha!

A member of the Homeland Security Council is affiliated with a terrorist group! Ha Ha! Wow! Obama appointed him, yay! This guy removed sensitive documents and hasn’t been prosecuted for it yet! He’s still on the Council!

Many government leaders think the Muslim Brotherhood is just a secular group, when in fact, it is a conglomerate of groups that feel Sharia Law is the only law by which to govern. Sharia Law cannot coexist with democratic law. The ultimate goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to subvert all governments until Sharia Law is the only law. Have a lovely day!

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