15 Minutes and Puma Kola

I said I would write about Puma Kola later, so here it is. Sprecher out of Wisconsin is a brewery that also happens to make some really tasty pops. Er, sodas. Depending on what part of the country you were raised in. Anyway, they make Puma Kola and Cherry Cola, among other more traditional pops such as grape and orange. They also have a cranberry flavored one. Believe me, it’s all good. The benefit of their colas is that there is NO CAFFEINE in them! Truly!

I must ask myself, why am I then addicted to them if there is no caffeine…

The thing is, I am crazy about Coca Cola. I can’t really purchase coke regularly and keep it at home though, because my little cuties turn into ravening wolves when there is pop in the house. They won’t eat dinner and won’t drink anything else, and practically breathe the stuff in. So we try not to buy it. Also, there is the whole cola thing. I didn’t drink caffeinated drinks for decades out of respect for my religion, which advises not to drink coffee or tea. Many LDS people extrapolate that to mean caffeinated sodas as well. And then, I just had to have a fountain coke somewhere, and it has been downhill from there. Ha ha. Not really. Well maybe sorta…

I have maybe two fountain colas a month, so it’s not too bad. There is just something about the fizz and the syrup and that caramelly cola flavor. I will even have Pepsi on occasion. So discovering the Puma Kola was great, because it is that wonderful cola flavor without the guilt. Plus, it’s not like I need the caffeine. Clearly that’s not the reason I’m drinking it. If restaurants would just carry caffeine free cola then I would be home free. I have gotten the caffeine free diet at Steak n Shake before. Trading the caffeine for aspartame. yum. Not.

So that is my Kola story. The local Menard’s sells Puma Kola in cases of four. That would last me one day if I didn’t share…

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