The Coca Cola Made Me Do It

We had a ‘staycation’ wherein it was promised to the children that we would eat out a lot, because that is what families do when they go somewhere. At least, our family does that. We’ve never been the kind of family that packs a cooler with PB&J and juice boxes. No, we go for broke. So, the money we saved by NOT going to hotels was squandered on an assortment of fast food restaurants and sit down restaurants. Let’s rate them according to quality:

Applebees: Good service, kids menu was pretty typical, nothing special, other than the fries which were actually quite amazing. And then there was my entree: Lemon Garlic Linguini. Oh. Em. Gee. It had artichokes and spinach in the cream sauce. It was out of this world delicious, and a truly generous portion which I managed to get two meals out of.

Chick Fil A: Yummy good chicken. Maybe we should have splurged on the peach shakes, but we didn’t. I really really like the pickles on their chicken sandwiches. Excellent service and surprisingly FAST service too. We had a big order!

Burger King: Really, kids menus don’t tend to amaze anyone. Dale, DH and myself all had the Carolina BBQ whoppers and boy, were they scrumptious! A super good burger.

And then there is the fact that pregnant lady has not had the inclination to cook and is suffering from intense cola cravings. I’m ruining the kids because we have eaten out SO MUCH recently, just because I didn’t feel like cooking anything. Plus, we didn’t make it to the grocery during our ‘vacation’.

Steak n Shake: Never have any complaints about their food. My personal fave is the Chili 5-Way. I’m crazy about it. DH loves the Cheese Fries. Tried their .99 breakfast tacos yesterday, and those are pretty tasty too, and the tiny salsa cups that come with the tacos are so cute. The salsa is HOT. I’ll probably enjoy that more when I’m not plagued with heartburn that feels like molten lava climbing up my throat. Have enjoyed their diet Caffeine free coke with cherry syrup!!!

Wendys: Today’s burgers were pretty greasy. Can’t go wrong with the Frostys though.

McDonalds: The thing with McDee’s is that you always know what to expect. Personally, I think their any size beverage for a 1$ is a brilliant marketing strategy.

Bottom line: The more fast food you eat, the more you crave it, and the less satisfying it is. It’s just so stinkin’ easy to order food then to stand and make it. I had a happy thought today, though. We have sweet potatoes and beer brats in the fridge…so dinner tonight will be tasty and much cheaper than eating out. I think I will just bake the sweet potatoes and let family members dress them however they want. And I will use the Nuwave to cook the brats. Good stuff, especially with lots of mustard. An easy meal to make that won’t make me feel incredibly guilty.

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