Lovely Lunch

Usually I send DH to the grocery on Saturday mornings, but today I wanted to get out of the house for a bit, and also I had a Living Social voucher to use at “Backyard Produce”, a local farm.

I might have gone a little cuckoo at the farmer’s market. They had baskets of beautiful fresh fruit like Fredonia grapes, Michigan peaches and plums, and all the harvest time produce you can imagine. I got fresh-dug potatoes, onions, tomatillos, green beans, jalapenos, peaches, plums, raspberries, grapes, sweet corn, watermelon and muskmelon. For 30 bucks including the cost of my voucher.

Then I went to Aldi for the weekly grocery run. We budget $140 a week for our family of seven. That usually includes a handful of non-food items like diapers or shampoo or trashbags and the like. I might have been a little ambitious at the grocery, but so many things sounded yummy. I sprung for the big package of hash brown patties and the big package of sausage patties among our other regular food choices.

Lunch was sausage patty V1cmuff1ns, hash browns and a plum and peach fruit salad. I didn’t realize the sausage patties were maple-syrup infused…YUM! All of us really enjoyed our Saturday lunch today. And I am super excited about dinner, because I’m going to use our bumper crop of tomatoes to make some fresh salsa: that’s why I bought the onions and tomatillos and jalapenos! We’ll have it on tostada shells with refried beans and cheese and maybe some cooked chicken.

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