Saturday Night Special

Not the gun.

I did it! I got on on a day when I thought it wasn’t going to happen. So cool. My hands are shaking though, so kinda hard to type. Will let you get back to your Saturday chores. Gotta shower. Luv yuz.


Faster Than the Couch

You know what I’m talking about. That PINTEREST poster that says something about as slow as you are going, you are still faster than whoever is sitting on the couch. That is me, not the couch somebody, but the slow-going somebody with her heart in the right place.
Music rocks! I love “She’s So Gone” from the Lemonade Mouth soundtrack. It’s fun and cool! “That’s What You Get” is a great tune, but it’s slower with the back beat. At first I was thinking, I can’t run to this! Then I realized if I used a longer stride and picked up my knees farther, I could use it. Ouch. But effective, no doubt.

Have a great day. And shoot me off an email with some song ideas. I’m going to buy me some tunes next week when I have walked every single day.

If you like sexy action adventure novels, you simply must check out Tara Janzen. She is my new author/hero.

Fifteen Back

Hurts so good.

I had to wait ’til the weekend so that DH was available to hold the baby. My treadmill still works, my knees…not so much. But I’m here. And no shin splints.
I’d like to thank all the Little People. You know, the Fisher Price Little People that I threw away because I was tired of picking them up or tripping on them.


Testing, testing, is this thing on?

So yes, I’ve been away for quite a long time. But look what we made:

Look what DH and I made

If I hadn’t been so busy with stuff, (read: food poisoning, a concussion[not me], overflowing toilet etc) than I would have loved to take photos of ALL THE FOOD that friends brought for my family. Here is a list of the meals we enjoyed:

Lamb stew with cornbread, salad and sweet popcorn

Shell pasta with creamy cheese and marinara sauce and Caesar salad

Marinara meat sauce with assorted cooked pasta noodles and bacon/vinegar green beans and brown sugar cookies

Hungarian goulash with seven layer salad, wheat crescent rolls and pasta

Tator Tot casserole with apple juice and salad

Lasagna with salad

Pizza Hut pizza (when I was in the hospital)

Chicken Pot Pie

And a shout-out to my friend RR who has brought me a steady stream of fountain Cokes for the past five weeks or so. God bless her.

Additionally, the folks who brought us food brought us enough that I haven’t had to cook for three weeks. Froze the leftovers, and then about 3:30pm every day I decide what sounds good, then put it in the oven to bake for an hour and a half (it has to thaw, you know) and ta-da! Dinner’s hot and ready to go to the table. This is the life.