Faster Than the Couch

You know what I’m talking about. That PINTEREST poster that says something about as slow as you are going, you are still faster than whoever is sitting on the couch. That is me, not the couch somebody, but the slow-going somebody with her heart in the right place.
Music rocks! I love “She’s So Gone” from the Lemonade Mouth soundtrack. It’s fun and cool! “That’s What You Get” is a great tune, but it’s slower with the back beat. At first I was thinking, I can’t run to this! Then I realized if I used a longer stride and picked up my knees farther, I could use it. Ouch. But effective, no doubt.

Have a great day. And shoot me off an email with some song ideas. I’m going to buy me some tunes next week when I have walked every single day.

If you like sexy action adventure novels, you simply must check out Tara Janzen. She is my new author/hero.

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