Where Have All the Twinkies Gone

Readers who know me, will have been waiting to read anything I post about Twinkies. Check in the archives, and you will find more than one reference to the gooey cakey glistening snack cake filled with sexy sugar cream.

I had to ask myself a very serious question. If I was asked to take an 8% pay cut in order to support my employer staying open, would I do it? It’s a fair question. If I was supporting my family, would 8% less money be able to take care of our needs? I think we could handle the change if we cut household expenses…snack cakes, for one. Cable television, leaving lights on when we go out, you know…make some cuts at home and you could still have your job. It would not be comfortable to take the pay cut. I would probably be tempted to look for other work, but that would be quite a risk in the current economic climate. In the end, I think I would have to accept it, particularly if I was supporting my family. (Thank God above, I am NOT supporting our family, DH is, and a damn fine job he’s doing, I might add.)

BUT, if I was part of a union, would that choice be mine to make? I can say honestly that I don’t know. How much leeway does a union member have when the question of employment arises? Seriously…if you have the answer, let me know.

So the rest of the story is the Union said, in very technical terms, “Screw. You. Hostess.”

And now instead of an 8% pay cut, 18,500 people got a 100% pay cut. Okayyyyy.

You would think, wouldn’t you, that a person with my proclivities toward Twinkie goodness would have already stocked up on Twinkies, HoHos, Ding Dongs et cetera. After all, I have 800 lbs of whole wheat. Twinkies would have rounded out our food storage quite nicely. But alas, I didn’t stock up. And now I face the question, if I was asked to reduce my dignity by 8%, would I join the ranks of panicked Twinkie-craving citizens to purchase every last box of Twinkies or Ding Dongs that I could find? It turns out, I am NOT willing to cut my dignity by 8%. I’m going to stay at home and write my grocery list, and include healthy-type food items for the storage: rice, and corn, and green beans and the like. I will look back with fondness at the times I was able to sink my teeth into a sweet snack cake and enjoy 100% of my memories and my dignity.

Kickin it Up a Notch: Nod to Emeril

Hey, I’ve added a whole new dimension to my walk/run. 8 pound weights, and I’m not even talking about my baby.

I noticed I can instantly raise my heart rate by doing weight curls during my walk. It is so lovely.

Here’s to good health. I’m going to attach a photo of my awesome guns from two years ago to inspire myself.

Float like a dragonfly, sting like a diaper rash

Sweet Freedom

Just so you know, I’ve been walking regularly! Even if I’m not blogging, I’m on the treadmill working it.

Restaurant review: Salsa’s

A guy with a cart came by our table and offered to make fresh guacamole; he had a tip jar too. We were like, sure, fresh guac, I’m on it.

It was DELICIOUS! Was it eight dollars delicious?? (that’s how much the restaurant charged, so with the tip it was 9$) Hm. I would have to say, yes, it was worth it. He used three avocados; they were perfectly ripe, no brown spots, no overripe flavor. Fresh squeezed lime juice, fresh onions and tomatoes…it was divine and I had a ton of it. In fact, I might have to go back for more.

Pizza-Flavored Babies

Because “Farley” can’t get enough of his baby brother Hammond. And he ate pizza. And none of my kids wipe their mouths after dinner. So smooch that.

BTW, I have been walking every day this week! Shout out to my DH who holds the baby when he’s home from work so that I can get my exercise in for the day. For some reason, Baby doesn’t want me to put him down during the day. Ugh. I mean, it’s wonderful to hold and cuddle our last little baby, but I tend to sit and look at all that needs to be done. At the very least, would be nice to get clean dishes. It is forcing me to delegate more to the kids, which I should have been doing for the last eighteen years anyways.

I have my eye on “Sweet Freedom” for the song I might buy at the end of the week!