The A.M. Check-in

Hey, sup? I’ve been walking, but not blogging. One life change at a time, if you please. The babester is totally cute.

I started cooking again, and having fun with it. I have a love affair with gravy these days. Yesterday I fried pork strips, green peppers and onions in some olive oil. I couldn’t find the rice, so I had to make mashed potatoes instead. To me, peppers and mashed potatoes don’t seem to go together, so I compromised and made gravy from the pan drippings. YUM! The only drawback was that it didn’t make very much gravy. I used a roux made with butter and potato starch, the pan drippings, and milk. It thickened up great and was reminiscent of a sausage gravy, but you could definitely taste a hint of green pepper. It was very interesting and tasty! I know, gravy and personal fitness don’t really go together.