First of the Year

I don’t intend to blog much this year since I have a trilogy that I’m working on…but wanted to mention that I’m exercising again/still? and why is it so hard to fit exercising AND writing regularly into my schedule? Okay, yes, I have six kids: one getting ready to graduate and serve a mission, one turning sixteen, one officially entering teenagerhood, one entering middleschool, one turning five and a nursing baby. But still.

So my new goal is to get my fifteen minutes of walking in AND revising/writing in each day. I’m going to need a lot of luck and some time management skills.

Here is the title of my Trilogy, just as a teaser for you: “Rise of the Battle Bred” by V.L. Holt

4 thoughts on “First of the Year

  1. Daryl, thank you for your kind words. Interested parties will like to hear that Book 1 is completed, and I am going through the revision process. Can hardly wait to get it out there in eBook form on Kindle Amazon.

  2. I can’t wait to read the future best seller from V.L. Holt. How exciting!

    And good for you for getting your walk in. It may help keep the creative juices flowing, if you need incentive.

  3. You can do it all! You already do! Glad you are walking, and even more glad that you are going to keep writing. Its a great series and people will really like it! I do!

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