For Autism Awareness

I’ll answer the question first, What’s4Dinner? If I can remember, I’ll put the roast in and we’ll have a lovely meal with beef/potatoes/carrots and rolls.

For Autism Awareness, I’m linking the post I wrote for my Social Stories blog. Have a good day, and if you have someone in your life affected by Autism, then maybe reach out and give them a hand this month. Autism Awareness Month

Ideas of things you can do for a family with Autism

Offer to take their child with Autism for two hours so the family can do an activity free of stress

Offer to bring dinner one night

Offer to visit the family and entertain the child with Autism so the mother can complete some chores

Find out the child’s favorite treat and bring it; stay and chat with the child for a few minutes

Offer to take the children free of the disorder somewhere fun so they can have a ‘normal’ outing

Read up on what it’s like to have Autism, and come up with some ideas of how to help on your own

Send a note of encouragement to the family affected by ASD

Send flowers to the family affected by ASD

Make a donation to an Autism research organization or other similar charity in the family’s name

Talk about Autism with the people you meet each day to heighten awareness

Greet the child with Autism enthusiastically when you meet them out in public or at church or school

Bring a book to read to the child with Autism so mother can have a nap

Understand that sometimes when they say ‘Fine!’ they don’t mean it

Understand that sometimes when they say ‘Fine!’ it really is fine

Ask about the child with Autism; people generally like talking about their struggles-it’s nice to have a listening ear too

2 thoughts on “For Autism Awareness

  1. ooh! I have to go take the frozen ground turkey out of the freezer for dinner. Thanks for the reminder!!

    I am going to share these tips on FB if you don’t mind. I think this is great information. We met a cute kid at the park last night. He doesn’t have Autism, but he does have special needs. I could tell my kids noticed and I just kept talking to this kid without treating him differently and then Jed chimed in too. Turns out they have a lot in common. Knowing how to treat people who are different from you is such an awesome and important life skill to have. 🙂

    Love you sis! and Love Tessa too!

  2. Yeah, turns out I forgot about the roast, so it’s Pizza Night…again! Thank goodness for Groupon this week for Domino’s! Thanks sis, and by all means, spread the love on FB

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