Hello There, Once Again

THEauthorphotoI thought it might be fun to resurrect this old thing. After all, I have been on my brand new treadmill religiously, back to running/walking to my sick beats, and feeling alive.

Last I wrote, I was working on my debut novel. Now Book 2 is out, and I should be working on Book 3 this year. I have lots of writing news, but mostly I save that for my other blog, the writing blog.

This one is where I like to keep track of my exercise habits and food breakthroughs.

Boy, do I have a lot to say about food breakthroughs. But it can wait. For now, I am excited to report that I can run an entire mile without stopping, at 5mph. That’s a big deal for me! I love my new treadmill. I’ll have to devote a blog post to that sometime.

Thanks for stopping by,
V. L. H.