Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know about my other wordpress website at It has stuff about my new books.

On the What’s4Dinner front, it’s all pretty much the same. Still intolerant of gluten, still addicted to sugar, still trying to make good food choices for the family. It’s hard, people! Sometimes I just give up and we eat out. Or I buy prepared things from the grocery. Thankfully, we have lived through these “mom fails”.

Two books whose titles I recommend for improving your family’s diet are “Plan Simple Meals” by Mia Moran and “The Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook” by Tania and Daniel Amen. They are wonderful resources and have replaced all of my other cook books. Doesn’t mean I use them religiously, (that’s what the internet is for, right?) but whenever I use them for cooking/preparing food, I always feel better about what I’m giving my family. Good luck and happy eating!