14 Minutes and a Little Light Television Viewing

Watching “Rumors of War III” about the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into the United States Government/Military/General Population/Media/Education System.

Ha Ha! Blogging about treadmill walking and green smoothies is kind of insignificant compared to this! Ha Ha!

A member of the Homeland Security Council is affiliated with a terrorist group! Ha Ha! Wow! Obama appointed him, yay! This guy removed sensitive documents and hasn’t been prosecuted for it yet! He’s still on the Council!

Many government leaders think the Muslim Brotherhood is just a secular group, when in fact, it is a conglomerate of groups that feel Sharia Law is the only law by which to govern. Sharia Law cannot coexist with democratic law. The ultimate goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to subvert all governments until Sharia Law is the only law. Have a lovely day!

A Great Workout, A Bad News Day

So in the middle of my workout, I was feeling pretty miserable. This is no picnic. But I’m glad it’s over. I’m also glad I got the treadmill out of the way before I checked out the news.

Oh yeah…it’s Political Rant Time!

Dolores Huerta was granted the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama. She joins the ranks of other honorees such as Walt Disney, Gordon B. Hinckley, Jackie Robinson, Charleton Heston, Pope John Paul and the like. Okay, who is this chica? Let’s look at her resume for a moment. She is an honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America. Gee. Wow. Super.

I find it immensely ironic that a medal representing FREEDOM is being given to a Socialist. Socialists don’t espouse freedom, and don’t try and tell me otherwise. Huerta has admitted to revering Hugo Chavez and his regime in Venezuela. She waxes on and on about how glorious life in Venezuela is: ‘they have these medical co-ops right in the factories where people can go to the dentist and the doctor for FREE’. Question for you, Huerta. If it’s so damned wonderful in Venezuela, why aren’t you there? Or the millions of other illegal immigrants? Please tell me, because it makes no sense whatsoever for people to ask ‘why can’t America do this’ when there are supposedly countries out there doing it and doing it great. Flock to THOSE countries, for Pete’s sake. Leave my America alone. Socialism is great until you run out of everyone else’s money. (I stole that quote, possibly from Madeline Albright?)

What’s so bad about Hugo, you ask? Oh I don’t know, maybe it’s the KIDNAPPINGS of political opponents? Maybe it’s his joke of a college that turns out doctors in three years instead of seven, and engineers in two years instead of five.  How come people aren’t traveling to Venezuela to get special surgeries done? Who knows?

Another quote by Huerta: “Republicans hate Latinos.” Thank you so much, Huerta, for putting emotions on me. I took several years of Spanish in high school and college. I routinely would translate for latinos in my church when there wasn’t anyone else available. (Almost anyone else is better than I!) I used to have several latin American friends.  Guess what? These so-called friends started accusing me of racism. Thanks so much! I don’t agree with their politics, and all of a sudden I’m a racist? People like you, Huerta, are causing rifts among people. So screw you and screw your Medal of Freedom, and screw President Socialist Obama. I am so sick of people like my former latina friends saying, “Don’t tell me I’m socialist”. Guess what? If Obama isn’t a freaking Socialist, then he at least is having a love affair with every Socialist person within throwing distance. Huerta, Anita Dunn, Van Jones, Carol Browning, Valerie and Vernon Jarett and so on and so forth. These people I’ve named are currently serving or have served under Obama’s administration doing ‘important office things’ (quote from “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead” love that movie). Don’t even get me started on the Muslim Brotherhood.

In case you couldn’t tell, I am seriously ticked off right now. Democrats, Liberals…open your damn eyes to who is the sitting president and what his agenda is. Romney wasn’t my favorite pick, and I’m a Mormon, but he’s going to be a darn sight better than our current SOB. (Socialist Obama, Barack). Maybe I shouldn’t listen to the news anymore…

Sources: TheBlaze, CommieBlaster


Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day

So, I have what, seven readers? Well, seven more people in the world will be informed. Who is this Brett Kimberlin person? Why blog about him? Did he survive a tragic accident or invent the cure for cancer? Um, no. He’s just a guy from Indiana. He did start a non-profit organization called Justice Through Music. That sounds good, doesn’t it? Rock the vote, and all that. He’s kind of getting picked on lately. I mean, dedicating May 25th as blog about Kimberlin day, that’s kind of mean-spirited, right? He’s just a po’ boy from my home state. Well, not exactly poor. His JTM organization and oh, I almost forgot, his other organization called “Velvet Revolution”, have pulled in a few bucks from some no name donors…Barbara Streisand, George Soros, Tides Foundation, Heinz Family Foundation, to the tune of 1.8 million greenbacks. Nice. But hey, I don’t begrudge people their millions, because I’m going to make millions someday and I don’t want anybody begrudging me my money.

So, why blog about Brett today? Well, it appears that he has a nasty habit of trying to take down people who talk smack about him. Smack like, he shot and killed a grandmother in cold blood because the grandmom was trying to discourage his relationship with her granddaughter, who was 10. He didn’t like anyone interfering with his designs, so he showed up at the house and shot grandma in the head. When things got hot for him as a suspect in the case, he tried to deflect police business away from him. He set bombs around Speedway, Indiana. One of them successfully took the leg and fingers off a guy coming out of a football game outside Speedway High School. The victim later committed suicide, unable to handle life as an amputee.

So, put Kimberlin’s butt in jail, right? Problem solved. Yeah, he served thirty years. Now he’s out, and he’s touting Social Justice and so on. Oh, and when people mention his colored past, he gets all up in their faces and starts making threats. Threats like, I don’t know, calling 911, claiming to be the DA, and ‘confessing’ to shooting his wife, then giving the DA’s address, to which a SWAT team surrounds, yanks the DA and wife out of bed, and puts the couple through hell, because…what??? Yeah. This particular assistant DA, Patrick Frey, had been blogging (under the name Patterico) and criticizing Kimberlin’s business partner. Kimberlin didn’t take too kindly to the scrutiny or the truth, for that matter. Frey’s secretaries at work started getting threatening phone calls. The SWAT team incident followed soon after.

Frey isn’t the only one who revealed the truth about what kind of guy Kimberlin is, and he’s not the only one who got threatened. Turns out, pretty much any big conservative blogger with an audience that criticizes Brett gets threatened, harassed, or perhaps worse. Now, I’m not going to speculate on the deaths that turned up after the harassments. Circumstantial stuff. (Think Breitbart and the heart attack?) Strangely, the coroner who did Breitbart’s autopsy died of arsenic poisoning just a few days after that, but I digress.

I think the whole point of “Blog about Brett Kimberlin Day” is to get the truth out there en force. People shouldn’t be afraid to tell the truth. Communist regimes, Socialist regimes,…those are environments that quell truth for fear of retaliation. So here I am, a lowly food and treadmill blogger, telling the truth about some thug that touts Social Justice. (Don’t even get me started on that RIDICULOUS phrase. It makes me throw up in my mouth).

The truth shall set you free. And walking regularly does too.

Sources: TheBlaze, RedState, Scribd

Cooking Without Electricity

I don’t have much to say about this subject, other than I think I should probably work on some good recipes in the event that the EPA gets its way.

Here’s some fun and light reading: http://www.alec.org/publications/epas-regulatory-train-wreck-2/

I just know that cold food gets old pretty quick. There is always, of course, fire for cooking. But when the electricity becomes too prohibitive to pay for, then wood will become scarce. Fun times ahead!

Unusual Food Combos and Coal Energy

What on earth does the one thing have to do with the other? Um…nothing.

I like to salt my cantaloup. I like peanut butter and bologna sandwiches. DH likes to dip his pizza rolls in applesauce, or Doritos in yogurt. What are the strange food combinations that you indulge in? “Bob” likes to dip his graham crackers in water so they get really mushy before he eats it. “Tori” puts everything in her mouth.

Now on to Coal Energy.

Sometime this year, the EPA is going to try and implement a new regulation (so cool how the EPA’s reason for existence is to regulate laws it creates. Brilliant.) that prohibits coal mines from mining UNDER (significantly *under*, as in 800 feet) ditches that have water in them for part of the year. It’s called the Stream Buffer Zone, or something like that. Never mind that mining 800 feet underground doesn’t actually impact the environment above it, the streams or ditches etc. It’s the best way to mine coal. Well, you say, COAL is DIRTY and FILTHY and pollutes the air! Okay, show me some photographs of places where coal smoke is smogging up the air in the United States. Come on, surely you can find one. No? Oh that’s right, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity has spent 100 Billion (I was going to put the zeros in when I realized I don’t know how many zeros are in a billion.) dollars on investing in cleaner practices over the past twenty years. If the EPA successfully implements this Stream Buffer regulation, it will Bankrupt the coal mines. You’re thinking, well, COAL is so stinky and dirty, that’s probably for the best. Really? Hmm? Did you know that 52% of the electricity produced in the United States is from COAL-FIRED ELECTRICITY? Why not practice going halfsies on the electricity that you use right now. Will that change the quality of your life? Maybe just a little? Let’s just imagine for a moment that the EPA successfully bankrupts coal mines. Never mind the scores and scores and scores of jobs that will be lost. Currently, the cost of electricity created through coal fuel is .04 a kilowatt hour nationally, compared to .22 cents a kilowatt hour that Obama wants it to cost (by replacing it with solar and wind energy). Well, you say, we’ll just replace COAL energy with solar and wind energy! It will be paradisaical! Okay, well, the nation doesn’t actually have the solar and wind plants to replace the usage that America currently enjoys. So we’re talking brown-outs and blackouts. No big deal? Maybe not for you. That’s a freaking honking big deal to me and my family. My kids are rabid without electricity. But moving on…

Let’s just say that the EPA is successful in implementing this regulation with regard to people on fixed incomes. Consider the Baby Boomer generation who is approaching a fixed income on average of 31,408 $ a year. Currently, the percentage of their income going to energy is 21%. As a result of bankrupting coal mines, that percentage would go up to 78% (for people of 10,000$ a year income). And liberals LOVE to say how conservatives are always trying to get grandma to eat dog food. But I digress.

Anyone watch the Hunger Games? Notice how the district that produced coal didn’t get to use the electricity it produced? Notice how the people were starving and hard-worked and miserable? Notice the high-speed train that took the tributes to the beautiful Capital of Panem? I don’t know if Suzanne Collins knew what she was doing, but I found the movie to be darn right prophetic if our current administration gets its way. It’s time for the people to get up off the office chair, get off facebook, and get involved in the government. Our quality of life is about to be drastically changed, FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED, in fact, in Obama’s own words.

How about this for unusual food combinations: bread and water only. Out.