Why Do I Do This To Myself?

I go to the grocery. I am always so good at the grocery. I turn my nose up at the Ho Hos and the Ding Dongs. That stuff is sooo bad for you. Why do people buy that crap? Then I get home and put the groceries away and putter around the house and think, Why didn’t I get any twinkies? I could really go for a twinkie right about now!

So here I sit, cussing myself because I didn’t buy any of the soft chocolate chip cookies, or snack cakes or bags of candy bars…Dang nab it! I didn’t even buy any chocolate chips. Where is that post about desperate snacking? I might have to go read it again.

But, it’s lunch time, and instead, I think I’m going to eat a proper lunch. That should help.

Romancing the Patty

I went out to the car yesterday to drop the boys off at a Fireside, and there were two, count them, two York Peppermint Patties on the driver’s seat. My honey is so romantic. Dale asked if he could have one, and I said, ‘No way. These are like roses from your Dad.’ Plus, I’m greedy and I don’t share my Patties with anyone. Except maybe Tori, because she loves them too.

York Peppermint Patties have a lot going for them. The wrapper is super easy to open. The texture of smooth dark chocolate over that minty cream filling; it gives just enough to have a satisfying bite to it. And then of course, that melt in your mouth goodness of chocolate and mint, swirling together…heavenly. And then there is that red banner proudly proclaiming that it has 70% Less Fat and teeny tiny letters saying ‘than the average of the leading chocolate candy brands’. Who reads that tiny part? Eating a York Patty is like going on a diet. 70% Less Fat. Yes! I will eat the whole bag! Not really. Only because I do not have a whole bag right now.

Anyway, why not comment about your favorite candy bar and why?

Hook, Line and Sucker

I shouted from upstairs on Saturday morning, “I had a dream I found a candy bar!” Then we got on with our day. In the early afternoon, I was walking down the hallway and there was a huge Snickers bar just lying on the ground at my feet. I shouted, “Hey! My dream came true!” I picked it up and started walking downstairs. That’s when “Bob” came out of his room and said, “Oh man, my string broke!” He was trying to get me! He heard me tell DH about my dream, and then hatched his plan. I had to call my sister and tell her about it, because I knew it would make her laugh. She said she would probably fall for that trick every time. It made my day, even though he didn’t actually give me the candy bar to keep.