Cracker Buffet: You Can Do It Too

This tradition started when Dale was three. Kevin was down for a nap, and I was feeling too lazy to make macaroni and cheese. Now THAT is lazy. Anyway, we got out all of our crackers, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, grapes, PB&J, green olives and cherry tomatoes. We started ‘inventing’ crackers. Cream cheese and grapes, cream cheese and jelly, peanut butter and grapes, cheese and olives and so on. It became this thing, once every few months when we’re starving for lunch but don’t feel like cooking anything. We just bring all the ingredients to the table and start making crackers like crazy. I remember the first Cracker Buffet, because Dale and I were watching Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. He was three, remember? Still willing to try any movie if it meant extra TV time.  So we’re watching the exciting scene when Malificent turns into the dragon, and Dale says, “This is a lovely movie, Mom.”

We had cracker buffet just the other day. The whole weird thing about it is DH is NEVER home when this happens. And he loves crackers. Somehow, he has never been around for our smorgasbord.  So one time the kids were telling him how we had this great lunch, and didn’t he love it when we have crackers for lunch? He didn’t know what they were talking about. I felt my face flush. I’ve been holding out on this lunch tradition for twelve years? We just did it again on Sunday. DH was at church counting tithing again, and he missed it. Okay, I promise, we will have Cracker Buffet with DH the next time. Even if it means making macaroni and cheese for my kids instead.

My Dear Sister Lucy kindly mentioned me in her blog, Finding Joy in the Journey. She also mentioned my essay that was published in Segullah, an online journal for LDS women. If you are so inclined, read and enjoy my Dandelion essay.