Three Cheese Pizza for Three People

Phenomenal corn meal pizza crust with a variety of toppings made a nice lunch yesterday.


1 Cup warm water (I ended up adding almost another full cup…check the progress of your dough)

1/4 teaspoon salt

2.5 cups flour

1 cup cornmeal

2 Tablespoons sugar

2 teaspoons yeast

Add ingredients in order recommended by bread machine manufacturer. You’re going to bake your pizza at 450 for 18 minutes.

Dough makes enough for one deep dish pizza

We use the little can of tomato sauce from Aldi. It has the perfect amount of salt and tomato flavor. Plus, it’s only .45 a can!

The kiddos wanted pineapple; not my favorite, so we went halfsies

I added spinach, green olives, banana peppers, mushrooms and sliced onion on my half!

The kids wanted cheddar on their half

Aldi sometimes has special offers. Husband brought home Asiago last weekend, the perfect melting cheese for pizza. That’s what I had on my half, along with some mozzarella.

Look at that fantastic dough! It rose like a charm.

The finished product. We were starving. These photos look so good, I might have to make it again for lunch today.

No caption needed

Happy customers shown below.


I’m certain I’ve related to you that a lot of my temptation regarding eating involves picking up fast food while I’m out. The second tier of temptation is portion size.

I have to complain for a second about the hotness of pizza. You have to eat pizza hot; you just can’t duplicate that texture when you reheat it. So yes, I had a heck of a lot of pizza for lunch because I knew it wouldn’t taste that good later. BTW, it was homemade. 99 cent pizza crust from Aldi, 25 cent can of tomato sauce and half of a bar of mozzerella (2.00 for the bar?) And of course, when I make pizza at home, I mince fresh onion and put it all over the sauce before I put the shredded cheese on it. It was so good, so yummy and melty and saucy. It’s gone, okay? I ate the whole dang thing except for the few pieces that Farley ate. Don’t judge me.