Working on the Treadmill

That’s what Farley was doing yesterday at some undisclosed time after yesterday’s workout. I discovered the treadmill in the evening, almost completely dismantled. See, he likes to take screws out of things. He has disassembled many cars and trucks from Goodwill in this manner. He doesn’t try to put them back together, and has learned to throw the screws and loose parts away. (If it’s from Goodwill, I usually don’t care.) So last night upon my discovery, (oh the horror!) I asked him where the screws were. “In the trash!” He said happily. Luckily they were in the office trash can, and not the disgusting kitchen trash can. He got them all out for  me and “Bob” and I put it back together. We must have done all right because this morning’s walk/run was just fine. At some point I suppose we will have to teach Farley how to put things back in the manner in which he found them.

About Work

I have been living a life of ease, thanks to my hard-working husband. In a society where two-income households are practically necessary, I have never had to leave the house to bring home more bacon. Is SAHMing hard? Well, yes, it is. It’s certainly no picnic. But I have been thinking about the notion of work this morning. Not 9 to 5 work, but working at something to the point of pain, in order to achieve something else. I skimmed some personal anecdotes of college students this morning, and just reading about their difficult classes and tests gave me anxiety. And a little regret too…not having finished a degree of any kind. I realize that there is the trade-off: some anxiety, some hard work for a length of time, and now you can publish your name with two distinct letters and the year behind it. I was also thinking about work while on the treadmill this morning. I stopped after one podcast; it was 17 minutes. I could have stopped there. But last week I made it up to 30, so why not go another round? I started another podcast, and was really feeling it. There will be a greater benefit to my body because of the greater work it took to manage a second round of walking. Our whole lives are about work, and learning to love it, so that you can enjoy the rewards of a job well done. Without work, we don’t appreciate the times of not working. I am so thankful for  my husband who works hard and allows me to stay at home and exercise and wax poetic about not working. Of course, I do have a lot of laundry waiting for me today. Out.


I did walk, don’t misunderstand me. But it was not the walk I had envisioned, as there were two people under three feet tall being loud and dare I say, annoying, while I was walking. I tried to ignore it by listening to yet another Writing Excuses podcast on Brevity. It was valuable information, and gave me some insights on current projects. Not the best workout ever, but I can put it in the books. Also, I can buy a song because I met my five day goal again. Out.

Existential Exercising

It happened again. I was exercising and got all emotional and thoughtful and thinking about things. I feel like an awakening is happening inside me…a realization of my mortality, but also a feeling that my spirit is becoming even more entrenched in my body. Excuse me bringing up religious doctrine, but a scripture comes to mind that says the spirits of those who have died see their separation from their physical bodies as a prison. I think I get that. I think babies and children start out feeling that strong connection of spirit and body, and that is why kids are generally so joyful and mischievous. They love smearing things with their hands, and tasting everything, even dirt, and are curious and make loud noises…they are truly LIVING in their bodies. Then as the teenage years come around, that shifts a little. I think teens feel less of a connection with their bodies…thus the fearless sense of immortality they experience and exploit by doing dangerous things. Then we grow up, and we feel more grounded in our bodies, and vulnerable, and start making choices that protect and preserve our bodies. We cherish them more. The awakening that I’m having feels like returning to childhood. I feel like my spirit is thriving inside my body, and I’m trying to blend the concern I feel for my mortality with the joy and potential that my spirit feels…regardless of whether it’s attached to my body or not. So there is my little spiritual and physical awakening experience I had while I walked and ran on the treadmill this morning. By the way, I did it! I got on every day this week and totally bought myself a song. But I’m not telling you which one, because I’m embarrassed. Maybe I’ll tell you next week, or if you ask politely.