Pregnant Lady on the Warpath

This will not be inspiring in any way related to exercising, cooking, or political rants. I suggest you go find a cute mommy blog somewhere if you want to be inspired thusly, or perhaps Drudge Report if you want political.

I have very few rules in my house for the minors who live here. No hitting. No name calling. We don’t cuss or use the Lord’s name in vain. The easiest rule to follow, and the most flagrantly broken, is this one: Food Stays in the Kitchen.

Where do you think I find food, crumbs, dishes and wrappers?


This ticks me off.

Popsicle wrappers. Granola bar wrappers. Thankfully, no P*p T*rt wrappers…look up my Pop Tart posts in the archives. Ritz cracker crumbs. Nuts. Candy wrappers. Empty pop cans. (We don’t even have pop in cans that often.) Water bottles. Water bottle lids. Raisins. Dried cranberries. Saltine cracker crumbs. Muenster cheese slices. String cheese chunks. Cereal bowls. Mason jars. Forks and spoons. Stray candies…this not so much but it does happen occasionally.

Here is a list of WHERE I have found these things.

NearĀ  computer keyboards.

In the bedroom of the child who is most terrified of bugs. Seriously???

Under the couches.

In the basement in tupperware containers. Ew.

In bathrooms. Oh. Em. Yuck.

If the minors in my house would please, kindly obey the one rule, I would turn a blind ear to expletives, name calling, and maybe even an uppercut or two. Please. FOOD STAYS IN THE KITCHEN.

That is all.


It’s true. I’ve already missed two days this week. Also, had Arby’s the other night ’cause DH was out of town. There went my incentive to cook. Plus it was a rotten day.

So I did my piddly 15 minutes this morning. It does feel good to sweat. And speaking of sweat…my town is having some unseasonal warm and humid weather…I’m anticipating a huge bug population. The good news is that DH suggested pragmatically this morning that PROBABLY we will get a seasonable cold snap at which point it should kill off extra bugs. Shiver.

In search of some workout tunes, oh and, Etherealanna filched my ear buds so I’m not listening to my mp3 player lately. I think I’m going to buy a song off the Titan AE soundtrack for last week’s reward. Alas, won’t get one this week! But it’s “Tori’s” birthday, so we’re eating pizza tonight anyway…what’s the point in exercising if you’re going to eat out a lot? Have fun with that logic. Make it a good day for someone else.

A shout out to D.D. for forwarding me a list of great workout songs, according to Livesong anyway. It was fun to hear what trainers like to use to fire up their clients. A lot of them were pretty testosteronish, but I did find a fun D.J. Ever hear of Tiesto?